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For BOC (Board on Chip) Package
For Metal Lead Frame
For Plastic Package
It is a die attach adhesive for BOC package and it can guarantee high reliability and outstanding workability.
- White or black color paste
Main components
- Epoxy, Silicone
- 100cc (bottle), 170cc (Tube)
- Wide process margin
- Excellent adhesion
- Screen printing stability
- Low chip warpage
- Long work life
- Good reliability properties
- Less bleed out or bubble during printing process
Cross section view of package and applied part
Product information
B-stage type adhesive : Epoxy type
Product B-stage condition Cure condition Viscosity (cPs @ 5.0rpm) TI
Trubond B303 120กษ / 30min 175กษ / 30min 13,000 2.9
A-stage type adhesive : Silicone type
Product Cure Condition Viscosity (cPs @ 2.5rpm) TI
Trubond AF8104 175กษ / 60min 80,000 1.2
HE-STA-2 175กษ / 60min 75,000 1.2