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Adhesive for semiconductor and IT
Since its launch of research center in 2006, Evertech Enterprise has been developing packaging materials such as adhesive for Die attach, Underfill, and Thermal management materials which are applied to the post process of semiconductor. We have held a variety of materials: A-Stageable adhesive for Die attach which are applied to BOC Package, B-stageable adhesive, conductive adhesives for BGA and Lead Frame Package including TSOP and QFN, and adhesives with high thermal conductivity for more than 20W/mk. In addition to this, we possess Underfill being used to TCP, COF Package and Flip Chip package which are applied to Driver IC. Evertech Enterprise has been renowned as one of high technology companies through holding more than 10 patents and unlimited technology development in the industry. As part of these efforts, we are providing trustworthy products with versatile solution using epoxy, silicon and hybride technology, the best quality (TS 16949) beyond the JEDEC criteria and the price competitiveness.
LED Adhesive & Encapsulant
LED (Light Emitting Diode) is not only evaluated as a source of the next generation light but also is standing in the spotlight of technology industry based on eco-friendly strategy that can respond to energy depletion and environment pollution.
LED is manufactured in the same process as the semiconductor manufacturing process, being used with various materials. Among them, LED packaging material is the key material that surrounds LED chip to protect LED chip from external impact and environment.
Through continuous technology development and intensive investment since 2008, Evertech Enterprise has continuously developed the technology, intensively invested to it, and has developed silicon packaging materials and adhesives with high brightness and anti-yellowing.
Other materials for electric and electronic
Silicon wafer has been widely used as a material for semiconductor and sunlight device manufacturing
In order to manufacture such wafer, Evertech Enterprise has developed a variety of Ingot mounting adhesive that is used in the Ingot sawing process. Moreover, Evertech Enterprise also developed adhesives for various electronic parts and circuit protection to respond customers¡¯ needs.